Intense Facial Serum

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Argan Life’s Intense Facial Serum combines three powerful skin healing oils: Argan Life’s premium pure Organic Argan Oil; Organic Camellia Oil; and Organic Rosehip Oil. This serum comprises a powerful blend of naturally occurring compounds that assist in restoring the quality and texture of your skin, as well as hydrates and moisturises to prevent new damage.

Our intense Facial Serum contains powerful antioxidants, including  Vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta-carotene and triterpenoids. Argan Life Argan Oil also contains essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9 – all of which are vital in the prevention of premature ageing caused by damaging environmental factors. Suitable for everyday use as a night-time moisturiser either alone or before application of a cream moisturiser.

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15 reviews for Intense Facial Serum

  1. heather mead (verified owner)

  2. Janet (verified owner)

  3. Delma Barber (verified owner)

    Love your product and you are so professional not only filling my order but packages was amazing and you let me know what was happening the whole step of the way. I can’t thank you enough. Just Perfect

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thanks so much Delma. We are thrilled you are enjoying our product.

  4. Anna C. (verified owner)

  5. Khadidja Lendo binda

    Intense facial serum

  6. Natasha D. (verified owner)

    A beautiful silky serum that keeps my face soft and glowing!

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thank you Natasha. We love that you are enjoying our Face Oil.

  7. ashley (verified owner)

    beautiful product.

    • Bree Fielding

      Thankyou Ashley!!

  8. Martha Karagounis (verified owner)

    Very very good products. I love them all. The day and night face oils. Hair on. The rose water and the face mask.

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thanks so much Martha. We love your feedback!

  9. Diane E. (verified owner)

    very good – softens, firms and smoothes skin

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thank you Diane. Really helpful feedback!

  10. Gillian S. (verified owner)

    Love this! Love everything I’ve bought from this company! I want it all!!

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thanks so much! Thrilled to have your custom. 🙂

  11. Monica W. (verified owner)

    I was only keen using pure Argan oil on my face until I received a sample of this and started using it. I use it every night after my cleansing routine. After a few days of use I noticed my face gotten better it’s more supple and clear so I ordered a full size!

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      That’s lovely Monica. It’s great to hear you how much you’ve enjoyed using it.

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      That’s lovely feedback. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Linda T

    I received this sample with my usual purchase of cold Pressed Argan Oil. I love it – my face is very dehydrated and this is really making a difference making it softer and smoother already.

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      That’s fabulous Linda! Thanks so much for the feedback.

  13. Anita (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely to use. Hope it helps my scar.

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thanks you. We hope it helps too. It will certainly soften the skin.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just starting to use the product on my face and neck. It feels very nice on skin and is super light and non-greasy. Look forward to regular use.

    • Argan Life (store manager)

      Thank you!. So glad you are liking the feel.

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