Argan Life Hammam Pack

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Argan Life Hammam Pack

All the ingredients necessary to treat yourself to a traditional Moroccan Hammam in the comfort of home.

  • Moroccan Beldi Exfoliating Soap with Eucalyptus: An olive oil soap with eucalyptus scent, suitable for sensitive skin. Used to cleanse and soften the outer layer of cells in preparation for exfoliation.
  • Exfoliating Kessa Glove: A sturdy course glove that will effectively remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling silky soft and smooth. The perfect preparation for an applied tan, and an environmentally friendly form of exfoliation
  • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder: The finest clay from the Atlas Mountains. high in silica and magnesium to condition and detoxify the skin. An excellent treatment for gently exfoliating the face and treating impurities in the epidermis.
  • Premium Moroccan Argan Oil: A super luxe organic oil, high in vitamin E and unique anti-oxidants that will soften and nourish the skin.
  • Argan Life Jute Toiletries Bag: Custom made for Argan Life by Banglaozy, 100% Fair Trade.
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