Genuine and Ethically Sourced

Providing the Finest Organic Moroccan Argan Oil in Australia

Argan Life Australia supplies authentic, pure Argan Oil that is ethically sourced and has the highest grade of certification for organic products (Australian Certified Organic). All our products feature 100% virgin cold-pressed Argan oil and has no preservatives, no palm oil and no added chemicals. Our argan is all-natural and has not been extracted using industrial solvents, ensuring the highest level of potency and effectiveness for our customers.

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pure Moroccan Argan Oil products

Premium Moroccan Argan Oil, in its pure form, has a reputation as the world’s most precious multi-purpose oil with remarkable cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Our Beauty Range for the Face and Body includes skin care products and beauty facial serums infused with botanicals and essential oils.

Our Deluxe Hair Treatment Serum contains organic argan and an exotic blend of essential oils that will leave your hair feeling soft and silky, leaving it with a healthy shine.

Hand-made using traditional methods to ensure maximum flavour and quality, Argan Life Culinary Argan Oil is the perfect dip for oven fresh bread, and works great as a flavour enhancer for your meat and vegetable dishes. Its delicious nutty flavour also makes it an excellent dressing for salads.

Experience the benefits of our organic beauty and skin care products. Order nature’s wonder elixir that your hair, skin, and body needs, today!