Argan Life Australia Argan Oil is sourced
genuinely and ethically from an all-female
co-operative in South West Morocco by
traditional Berber women. Our Beauty Grade
oil is produced using a combination manual
nut-cracking and modern cold press extraction
that ensures long lasting high quality oil.
Our Culinary Oil is entirely hand-made
using a traditional stone grinder.

The Moroccan Women’s Co-Op

The women’s co-operative where Argan Life obtains their Argan, boasts high production standards and employs and supports over 150 women. As an ethical and holistic brand, Argan Life Australia is committed to working with the Berber women who manage the facility.

To guarantee the oil’s source and purity, Argan Life maintains a personal connection with the co-operative. Through their personal involvement, Argan Life can attest to the freshness and purity of their Argan oil, the operation of the co-operative and its benefits to the women who work there. And with their local knowledge, Argan Life understands the customs associated with using Argan oil, Rhassoul clay and Beldi soap.

The women’s co-operative allows local indigenous Berber women to work part-time to earn additional income for their families and community. The women can bring their children to work, receive literary classes, and be informed on how to preserve the Argan forests and develop alternative farming activities.

The co-operative also contributes to research and reforestation activities in the region. The co-operative holds a NORMACERT certification – which guarantees that the oil is sourced from the geographically unique Argan growing region and is produced according to the Moroccan Department of Agricultural Standards.

By sourcing the oil directly from the co-operative, Argan Life ensures that the co-operative receives the highest return for their labour. This ensures that the local community retains a vital financial interest in their local industry and contributes to keeping Argan Oil the unique property of Morocco.

By purchasing Argan Life Argan Oil, you will be also be contributing to the ongoing viability of the co-operative, as well as supporting the sustainability of the Argan forests and Berber enterprises.