Natarsha, NSW

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February 19, 2021 Comments Off on Natarsha, NSW

Five years ago, I had a diagnosis of breast cancer and completed surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For me, the surgery resulted in surgical scars, my skin became extremely dry with the chemo and the radio left burn marks. My husband found Argan Life early in the process and their beautiful argan oil, mixed with MooGoo Full Cream moisturiser, made an astounding difference. My surgeon commented on how well and how quickly my skin was healing at each step of the process. The surgical scars healed rapidly. My skin dramatically improved through chemo. And using argan oil before and after the radio series reduced burn-related scars. My husband and I continue to use Argan Life’s argan oil mixed with a natural moisturiser for our bodies and pure argan oil on our faces – we love it and could not recommend it more highly.
I’ve also shared Argan Life’s argan oil with others going through a similar process with fantastic feedback. And again, shared this lovely argan oil with my nieces when they’ve been pregnant for a pure, chemical-free, delicious moisturiser that, from their feedback, also helps with stretch marks.
Thank you, Argan Life!