Deb, QLD.

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February 22, 2018 Comments Off on Deb, QLD.

Just a short email to let you know I have been using Arganlife for 6 months now and my skin is amazing. I had been suffering with a red raised itchy rash for about 2 years and had tried most of the prescribed creams and over the counter creams and lotions. Nothing worked . A friend recommended I try the Arganlife Arganbeauty face and body bar to wash my face . I bought a bar and my skin felt so soft and no irritation so I used it as a body wash as well .lathering the bar in a wash cloth. My skin has completely healed, the texture has changed and my skin now looks healthy once again. My Sister wanted to know what I had used on my skin, she could not believe how good it looked . She also has had a skin issue for about 10 years, she had not been able to find anything to make her skin feel and look better. I bought her a bar of Arganlife beauty soap and amazingly about 4 weeks later her skin had completely healed . No itching, redness, dryness or sores. I was truly stunned and so very happy for her .
Keep up the great work.